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      The majority of new and old customers, friends from all walks of life:

      Welcome ever appliances, first of all thank you for your long time for permanent company concern and support!

      Permanent company to develop electric utility as the goal, we adhere to strict, scientific, efficient, high-quality production principles for a long time, continuous innovation, development, production of electrical products of high efficiency and energy saving, reliable, festival, forming beautiful, stable.

      We walked all the way with thorns and rough, also had a successful joy and delight, today forever is the result of the efforts of people of all permanent. Yesterday to pay, we will not regret; today's achievement, we have reason to be proud of; to the brilliant tomorrow, we will be more efforts!

      In the future, ever willing to work with the community, the domestic and foreign new old customers, and strive to forge ahead in unity, the spirit of pioneering and innovative spirit, to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises ever, create new image of enterprise and the efforts of the permanent!